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E 6 Products

E 6 Project Consulting will rely on its deep understanding of the Project Management industry as well as its network of professional connections to advise and secure the procurement and/or purchase of the following project delivery supporting resources and tools:

Books and Articles

Books and articles published by Mr Pascal Bohulu Mabelo and other associates — which from time to time qualify for author’s discounts

Project Management Software

Project Management software and other proprietary tools, as needed to improve and/or support effective delivery of large infrastructure; this includes Project Management Information Systems (PMIS), Requirements Review/Management Tools, and Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Assistance and Guidance

Assistance and guidance in developing bespoke project management software, e.g., as Excel-based reporting or asset capitalisation tools.


This serves to confirm that E 6 Project Consulting (Pty) Ltd was subcontracted to Marwillcor (Pty) Ltd [Trading as MWC] during the period from June 2016 to September 2016 to perform an assignment at the Gautrain Management Agency (GMA). The scope of the assignment was as follows:

(i) Development of a Financial Management Framework and Dashboard for Small Projects; and

(ii) Development of an Asset Capitalisation Framework for their R 15+ billion capital programme.

We hereby attest that E 6 Project Consulting (Pty) Ltd provided a highly professional service and that the client (namely, the GMA) has specifically commended our company for their contribution and deliverables. Therefore, we shall unreservedly recommend their services to any entity dealing with infrastructure.