About Our Company

About E 6 Project Consulting

E 6 Project Consulting, through the accumulated knowledge and experience of their members, will endeavour to contribute to the steady advancement of the Project Management and related/supporting disciplines. E6PC consultants shall also assist its clients in effectively and successfully delivering capital and infrastructure projects. The company will also leverage on Project Management skills and insights to support and facilitate other critical organizational initiatives such as strategy implementation and organisational change management.

The company is named E 6 in dedication to his six God-given children, who would share in the heritage of this company; they are Emmanuel, Eunice, Eden, Elie, Ebenezer, and Enoch.

The practical experience gained by the founder and associates, as well as the various consultants from working over many years in the space of Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs) in South Africa and in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, which the founder in particular reflects in project management books and articles published in various Project Management journal, magazines and on LinkedIn, shall constitute the foundational thrust of the company’s offering. 

E 6 Project Consulting Vision

E 6 Project Consulting shall be an African consultancy that facilitates Project Management thought-leadership and the effective application of best-practices to the delivery of large infrastructure projects for socio-economic development — keeping alive the African Dream!

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E 6 Project Consulting Mission​

E 6 Project Consulting will primarily assist both public and private entities in their efforts to create, upgrade, support and maintain a set of smartly-designed and efficiently-operated infrastructure systems that promote business success and socio-economic development.

E6 Project Consulting Core Values

E 6 Project Consulting strives to maintain the values of PIE (π) – Professionalism, Integrity, and Excellence – not only in its work environment (e.g., personnel, office environment), but even more so in dealings with clients and with the broader Project Management fraternity.