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With More Than 25+ Years In Professional Experience

Mr. Pascal Bohulu Mabelo

The Principal Consultant is Mr. Pascal Bohulu Mabelo, Golden Key International
­MSc (Systems Engineering), MBA (Project Finance), BSc (Civil), Pr Eng, PMP, Pr CPM, Pr PMSA

Pascal possesses a wide range of technical and managerial skills pertaining to infrastructure projects and has had the opportunity to work on an array of large-scale projects with people from various backgrounds. He is the author, “Managing Engineering Processes in Large Infrastructure Projects” (2021); he has also published “How to Manage Project Stakeholders – Effective Strategies for Large Infrastructure Projects” (2020) and “Operational Readiness – How to Achieve Successful System Deployment” (2020). Pascal has previously worked in large projects as a design engineer, project/programme manager, project consultant, and Project Management executive. He established and, for more than eight years, headed up the Project Management Centre of Excellence at the capital-projects division of a multi-billion Rand company in South Africa where he chaired hundreds of gateway reviews of infrastructure projects, from medium-sized to large to complex.

With more than 25 years of professional experience in the industry, he has steadily built up an extensive network and was honoured to serve as national chairman of Project Management South Africa (PMSA), a leading Project Management professional association in Southern Africa.

Mr. Pascal Bohulu Mabelo and other associates, owing to their relevant credentials, skills and experience in the Project Management field will in turn operate as Lead Senior Consultants. They will from time to time call on their extensive professional network to secure the availability of additional project consultants in line with the scope, location, and duration of proposed assignments. 

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“Whether you are a novice, a seasoned project manager, or even a student, I have no doubt that the content covered here will meet your needs for any project in dealing with the often volatile stakeholder management dynamics … With my 15+ years of mentoring project managers in Central and Southern Africa, I highly recommend this publication.” — Peter Banda (CEO of Project Management Zimbabwe)

A comprehensive treatise on Operational Readiness … OR and PIR planning are indeed business activities … operability failure may lead to business failure.” — Saseka Vara, Chartered Accountant, Senior Manager at Transnet

Building and infrastructure projects are as important today as they have ever been … The book is a stimulating yet technical guide on all the engineering phases of a project, commencing with a lucid exposition of the criticality of design. I recommend the book for students of engineering and practitioners alike, as well as those involved in the legal and financial aspects of infrastructure projects.” — C. King (Bert) Chanetsa, Author; Global Consultant; Researcher and Capacity Builder in Legal and Financial Aspects of Projects and Infrastructure Finance.